This site was driven by a passion to discover and share great rides. But what makes a great ride? Since there are so many variables you will find a variety of rides here. None are exceptionally technical, serious tests of endurance or otherwise beyond the average fit rider who is well prepared.

Off road I ride a 2001 Santa Cruz Superlight - I like the simplicity of the single pivot rear suspension and aside of the air shock once failing (which I discovered makes the bike unrideable) it’s performed well, having now clocked over 4000 miles. Road rides are on a Cannondale T2000 touring bike or a Cannondale tandem with my dear wife. A Trek 930 was my first hardtail mountain bike and now serves as the daily commuter. The Trek has clocked over 26000 miles, seen all manner of abuse and still runs flawlessly, on mostly original components. I average about 5000 miles a year - more than the car and motorbike combined!

This site is about sharing. If you have a suggested ride you’d like to see published, would like more information on anything published to date or have other feedback send email to: ridetracks@gmail.com

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