Welcome to rideTracks.com (formerly Pedalbot.com), a library of great mountain and road cycle rides in the Los Angeles area. Each route has an overview, directions to the start, turn-by-turn notes, a topographical map and GPS trace for download. Some of the rides also have photo albums showing each turn and notable points along the route.

Hope you get as much pleasure from these rides as we do.

Site Overview

    The Rides has a listing of all rides currently published on this site, along with key information indicating the ride’s difficulty - type, distance, altitude climbed. Just because a ride is short, don’t assume it will be easy!

    Rides Map is a Google map with all rides overlaid, showing approximate location and distance

    Photo Gallery has pictures organised by ride and covers each of the unique features and turning points. There may also be some scenic photographs taken at the best vantage points, giving a flavour for the kind of views you can expect on the ride

    FAQ & Links provides some background information on using the site content along with links to related sites and sources of relevant information

    About Us - is... well about us

    Legal - the small print

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