Glendora Mountain Road Bike Ride from Big Dalton



Paved mountain road




Elevation Gain



Starting/Max Elevation


1232’ / 3462’ per GPS

Starting Coordinates


34 09.351’ N, 117 50.199’ W

This is an out and back ride on paved road climbing North from the Big Dalton Canyon area in Glendora to the junction of the East Fork road from Highway 39. Many riders extend this route all the way to Mount Baldy Village. There is little shade and the ride is quite an aggressive climb so best done early in the day during summer. As of summer ‘07 the road was re-opened to traffic after being closed for a couple of years. Don’t be surprised to be sharing the road with motorcycles, especially on the weekend.

Getting there

The start for this trace was taken from the junction of Big Dalton Canyon Road and Glendora Mountain Road, reached by taking Grand Avenue North from the 210 freeway, turning right on Sierra Madre Avenue and continuing East almost to the end, turning left on to Glendora Mountain Road. You could also park along Sierra Madre Ave, for example in the junior school parking lot (corner of Sierra Madre and Loraine) - parking is generally not a problem anywhere in this area. Google directions to start


The Ride

View from GMR into San Gabriel CanyonThe directions for this ride are eliminatory - join Glendora Mountain Road and just keep climbing, climbing and climbing some more! You will pass junctions with fire-roads along the way, but these are best not attempted unless you are on a mountain bike (and are the subject of other rides on this site). Occasionally there are nice views of the San Gabriel Canyon and reservoirs to the left, but otherwise the scenery is not particularly interesting, with only the occasional glimpse of the San Gabriel valley to the South and the higher mountain ranges to the East. You might however see some wildlife; I’ve seen a coyote, deer and even glimpse of a bob cat up here (but no cougars - although signs in the area suggest they are around). This is a popular workout for local riders so if your pace is like mine expect to be passed by many sporting the latest fashion in cycling attire :)

View into canyonAfter almost an hour of climbing miles you will pass a gate and reach a three way junction at 9 miles. Continuing straight will take you to Mount Baldy village via Glendora Ridge road (the road sign indicates this to be 12 miles), mostly a pleasant rolling terrain with the only significant gradient being the descent into the village. Alternatively, going left will (quickly) take you down to East Fork - a twisty and (for paved road) steep descent. From there it is possible to make a loop by connecting with highway 39 and returning to Sierra Madre (although weekend traffic makes the ride on highway 39 a miserable section of the loop in my opinion), for a 33+ mile ride.

Assuming you simply return the way you came, you will hopefully discover what I think makes this ride so much fun - a sustainable fast descent with perfectly banked corners and rarely a need to touch the brakes. Make sure you stay on your side of the road, wear a helmet, stay alert/hydrated, trust your tyres and enjoy your personal roller coaster!

View towards Mount Baldy

Ride log

Last Ridden


Pedal Time

Elapsed Time

Jan 12th, 08


1 hour 21 minutes

1 hour 31 minutes

June 2nd, 07



1 hour 30 minutes


[Directions to start]

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[GPS Trace (waypoint every quarter mile)]

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