Mount Baldy Road Ride



Mountain Road




Elevation Gain


3697’ per GPS

Starting/Max Elevation


2649 / 6353’ per GPS

Starting Coordinates


34 10.689’ N, 117 40.602’ W

This road bike ride is a deceptively good workout. Although the gradient is mild compared to fire roads I always find the climb a challenge. While the road is narrow and busy on weekends, it is a pleasure to ride during weekdays, and especially once past the village, where traffic is less frequent. The road also changes character after the village, from fast sweeping turns to tight switchbacks requiring first gear in most vehicles, including the bicycle. Views on the way up include the shear front range and of course Mount Baldy. On the return there can be good views into the valley, but downhill speed usually competes for attention.

Getting there

From the 210 freeway head North on Mountain Avenue in Upland. Approximately 2.1 miles from the freeway after passing some large residential properties, you will come to a stop sign - bear left. Another 2.1 miles brings a bridge followed by a sweeping bend to the right and a yield junction. I part in the turnout just 0.2 miles beyond this junction, but any turnout on this road (or by the bridge) makes a suitable parking spot. Google directions to start


The Ride

View into San Antonio CanyonSimply ride North on Mount Baldy Road. The first of two tunnels is reached at 1.62 miles. Since the sides of the tunnel usually appear littered with debris and there is no escape path I prefer to let traffic pass before entering and then try to sprint through before the next batch of cars come up from behind.

The climbing continues until 3.2 miles, at which point you will see a sign on the right advertising Mount Baldy Lodge and a left turn ahead on to Glendora Ridge Road (GMR).

View into San Antonio CanyonAfter passing a school on the right Baldy village is reached at approximately 4.2 miles. The GMR turn-off is reached at 4.48 miles followed by the fire station, restaurant and Mount Baldy visitor center at 4.72 miles.

After leaving the village the road climbs to Icehouse Canyon, where at 6.21 miles you bear left (going straight leads to a dead end and parking for hikes up Icehouse canyon).

It is from this point on that the climbing gets serious, with many tight switchbacks. Progress may be slow but it’s a good opportunity to look around and enjoy the always crisp clear air found at this altitude and (haze permitting) views of the valley and San Antonio (Mount Baldy).

End of Mount Baldy roadEnd of Mount Baldy roadAt 8.4 miles the road splits (stay right) and Snowcrest Inn is past, then at 8.87 miles the turn off on the left leads to San Antonio falls and Mount Baldy. From here it’s only 0.31 miles to the end of the road. Upon reaching the end of the road you could enter the parking area to the sk lifts, but unless you’re on a mountain bike or plan on some hiking there is no where to go from there.

Return is of course reverse of the ascent.

Ride log

Last Ridden


Pedal Time

Elapsed Time

Aug 26th, 08

Excellent - road in good condition and traffic light

1 hour 54 minutes

2 hours 22 minutes






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