Glendora City Loop



Streets - some with cycle lane




Elevation Gain



Starting/Max Elevation


808’ / 999’

Starting Coordinates


34 08.301’ N, 117 51.682’ W

This loop uses a mix of quiet residential streets and busier but wider roads. With this in mind the ride is best enjoyed early on weekend mornings. There are no significant climbs so views are limited to the San Gabriel mountains to the North, and South Hills on the southern part of the ride.

Getting there

From the 210 freeway take the Grand Avenue exit and head North, cross Route 66 (Alosta Ave) go right at Foothill Blvd. Go left on Wabash Avenue and right at the Finkbiner park from where the ride starts. Google directions to start


The Ride

Starting at Finkbiner park head North on Minnesota Avenue.
At 0.33 miles turn right on Leadora Ave and then left at 0.7 miles on to Live Oak Avenue.
At 0.94 miles turn right on to Sierra Madre and continue East to the end where it meets Valley Center Ave at 1.96 miles. Go South on Valley Center Ave and at 2.7 miles turn left on Foothill Blvd
Continue on Foothill Blvd to 3.7 miles (dead ends ahead), and turn right on to Amelia
Cross Route 66 at 4.34 miles, and pass under the 210 Freeway at 4.81 miles
At 5.25 miles (just before the read dead ends) turn right and head West on Gladstone Street - this is a wide road with plenty of space for both cars/trucks and cycles but again the traffic is fast moving.
At 7.74 miles turn North on Glendora Ave, and at 8.51 miles turn right on Mauna Loa Avenue (if you wanted to check out the village centre continue North on Glendora Ave - there are some nice eating places and coffee shops)
From Mauna Ave use Pasadena Ave to go North and cross again Route 66 at 8.95 miles.
At Ada Ave (9.21 miles) turn left, followed quickly by a right at 9.29 miles on to Minnesota Ave
Cross Foothill at 9.54 miles and continue North to the park

Ride log

Last Ridden


Pedal Time

Elapsed Time

Jun 21st, 08

Good - revised route slightly to avoid Lone Hill. Gladstone has some road works and the surface is in poor shape in places

49 minutes

55 minutes

Aug 4th, 07

Excellent - just start early to avoid the traffic

45 minutes

55 minutes


[Directions to start]

[Map in pdf (677 KB)]

[GPS Trace (waypoint every quarter mile)]

[GPS Trace (all waypoints)]

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