Grizzly Flat Mountain Bike Ride



Fire road and paved road




Elevation Gain


1724’ per GPS

Starting/Max Elevation


2270’ / 4027’ per GPS

Starting Coordinates


34 14.027’ N, 118 11.032’ W

This ride begins with a 4 mile fire-road climb offering occasional views of the San Fernando Valley, downtown LA and the Verdugo Mountains. The descent is via Grizzly Flat Road and Angeles Crest (highway 2). I prefer to do this route clockwise to minimise the time spent on highway 2. The climb on Mount Lukens Road has little shade but it is invariably in good condition (presumably due to service vehicles needing access to the many towers on Mount Lukens). The Grizzly Flat Road is often not in as good condition but nevertheless a pleasant ride.

Getting there

From Highway 2 proceed to the first Angeles Forest Fire Station on the left, ~3.5 miles from the 210 freeway exit in La Canada Flintridge. Water can sometimes be found at the start (look for a hose near the water fountain), but no restrooms. Note an adventure pass is required for parking in this area. Google directions to start


The Ride

View towards VerdugosBegin by riding between the buildings and passing around the gate at 0.1 miles, marking the start of fire-road 2N76A. The road gradually switch-backs it’s way up the mountain, and at 2.39 miles passes a turnoff to the left leading to some beehives (you might also see a teepee - all I’ve found in there are a couple of folding chairs so it’s not worth detouring for).

View towards VerdugosAt 3.75 miles you reach Earl Canyon fire road joining from the left, and a water tower on the right; a favourite resting point. Continue on the Mount Lukens Road.

4.30 miles is where the fun begins - take Grizzly Flat Road to the right.

A four way junction at 6.30 miles has us bearing left (not the sharp left that is almost a U-turn and leads down into the forest). There’s a slight View towards San Gabrielsclimb but given this is on the Northern side it is shaded much of the morning.

The turnoff to Hoyt Mountain is passed at 7.34 miles and the road switch-backs to the right with a water tower on the left.

After passing to the right of a gate go right at 7.98 miles to join Highway 2. From here it’s an easy and quick return; if you’re lucky there will be little traffic going the same way. 

Ride log

Last Ridden


Pedal Time

Elapsed Time

July 4th, 08

Excellent - fire-road is a little rutted, but all sections can be ridden

1 hour 38 minutes

2 hours 10 minutes

Sep 1st, 07


1 hour 18 minutes

1 hour 35 minutes


[Directions to start]

[Map in pdf (494 KB)]

[GPS Trace (waypoint every quarter mile)]

[GPS Trace (all waypoints)]

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