Sunset Peak Mountain Bike Ride



Single track and fire road




Elevation Gain


1168’ per GPS

Starting/Max Elevation


4527‘ / 5768’ per GPS

Starting Coordinates


34 13.683’ N, 117 40.223’ W

This is a relatively short off-road ride but has a nice mix of single track and fire road. The single track sections were fire-roads, now reduced to narrow paths that can get tricky as you weave through fallen rocks. The trail sees light hiking use; on the Sunday morning I recorded this trace there was a couple of hikers starting out just as I finished, but otherwise the trail was deserted. The peak offers some good views into the San Gabriel valley and surrounding mountain range.

Getting there

From the 210 freeway in Claremont take Mountain Ave (also signed for Mount Baldy) North. Follow this road towards Mount Baldy Village. Just as you enter the village and start passing property on the right look for the Glendora Ridge Road turn off on the left. Climb this road 0.9 miles to the trail start on the left hand (South) side and park in the turnout (note there is a large turnout on the opposite side for the RV park entrance but recently posted signs show No Parking. Google directions to the start


The Ride

Sunset-Peak-TN1The trail entrance may not be immediately obvious as it was blocked with mounds of dirt many years ago. Look for a set back gate and traverse over the dirt towards it. Once on the path you’ll quickly realise what a pleasant and tranquil trail this is. The lower section is well shaded (although that makes midges a problem in summer), with an easy grade - neither steep or technical.

At 1.90 miles this path connects with a fire road, where you turn left. The fire road is maintained and used by service vehicles, so not a technical ride.

At 3.22 miles go sharp left to leave the fire road and pick up another single track. Staying on the fire road would take you into the wilderness area, which is a no-go for mountain bikes (the road leads down Big Dalton Canyon park and is gated/fenced in way that is not passable, even on foot). The single track starting at 3.26 is more technical than the prior sections due to the many scattered rocks. While most if it can be ridden I elected to walk a few short sections. Unlike single tracks in the San Gabriels this is not particularly exposed or eroded, so no worries about going over the side!

Sunset-Peak-TN2Sunset-Peak-TN3After 49 minutes of riding and 3.66 miles the lookout tower foundations are reached. No surprise a tower was here given the vista. There are various remnants from this peaks history, and a summit register under some rocks.

Return is a reverse of the climb although at 5.4 miles you could continue on the fire road which (per the map) connects to Glendora Mountain Road. Plenty of tire tracks suggest you would not be the first to ride this but I have yet to do it myself.

Ride log

Last Ridden


Pedal Time

Elapsed Time

Jun 15, ’08

Good - lots of midges in the shaded sections, and slow riding through the rocky upper section.

1 hour 14 minutes

1 hour 30 minutes






[Directions to start]

[Map in pdf (291 KB)]

[GPS Trace (waypoint every quarter mile)]

[GPS Trace (all waypoints)]

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